Princess Boo

While the Internet is still somewhat crazy over Bowsette, another genderswap fan-made character named Princess Boo is also making rounds in fan art and cosplay. Also popularly called as “Booette”, she is mostly portrayed having pale skin wearing a white dress showing her cleavage, and stretching out her long tongue. She is inspired by the Super Mario franchise character King Boo.

The Chinese cosplayer 黑猫猫  (Ahri) recently uploaded photos of herself as this popular fan-made character. Her beautiful white dress and her tongue stretched out for the camera is the perfect combo of awesomeness and cuteness!

Princess Boo 10 Princess Boo 9 Princess Boo 8 Princess Boo 7 Princess Boo 6 Princess Boo 5 Princess Boo 4 Princess Boo 3 Princess Boo 2

Oh yeah, she also did a Bowsette cosplay too!

Bowsette Cosplay

Source: 黑猫猫 (

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