As the Azur Lane franchise continues to grow, more and more cosplayers have emerged in portraying ship girls from the series. Recently, pictures of cosplayers as Fusou and Yamashiro were uploaded to the website Weibo and these are just really hard to ignore due to how accurately beautiful they are!


Unlike Kantai Collection‘s designs, Azur Lane‘s version of the two sisters stand out more as they are portrayed as two kitsunemimi girls. Their sophisticated yet beautiful designs are just perfect to the last detail, making you wish you have them both in the game.

AzurLaneFusouYamashiro3 AzurLaneFusouYamashiro5 AzurLaneFusouYamashiro6 AzurLaneFusouYamashiro7 AzurLaneFusouYamashiro8 AzurLaneFusouYamashiro9

Azur Lane is a game where players can obtain and play with cute and beautiful anthropomorphize ship girls. A majority have praised it for its different game mechanics as well as the unique art of each character.

Source: baiyesouleater (Weibo)

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