We’ve teamed up with Softgarage to bring you this “real life size” oppai mousepad of Lovely x Cation’s Aiko Kurihara! This mousepad is no ordinary one, it’s custom handmade and uses top quality materials. The boobs are made of super soft and are a delight to touch. Preorder start from 1/12/2018 to 2/12/2018 – so make sure to grab one before they’re gone.

She’s handmade in Hamamatsu, Japan, with custom silicon pieces made out of high quality M.J.SuperSoft 2.0. for a more realistic and comfortable computing experience, and the outer printing is printed on high quality 2-way tricot cloth (same material used in dakimakuras). You can pre-order her now at our shop, and you’ll automatically get 10% off!

NIJ142 1 NIJ142 2 NIJ142 3 NIJ142 4 NIJ142 5 NIJ142 6 NIJ142 7 NIJ142 8 NIJ142

The real-life sized Lovely x Cation’s Aiko Kurihara mousepad is available for pre-order at our shop.

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