Full disclosure, I was provided with a review copy of this game.

Leanna’s Slice of Life is another game released by Kagura Games, and developed by Acerola. Like their game President Yukino, which I reviewed earlier this year, Leanna’s Slice of Life is an NTR themed adult game where the goal is to work jobs to earn one million in local currency, in this case, gold. Though based on the number it’s an obvious stand-in for the Japanese yen, in 60 days. The two games have a lot in common, but unfortunately for Leanna, our protagonist, she’s in a much more dangerous situation than Yukino was.

Leanna lives in a world where a shocking number of regular people are uncontrollable molesters. Including the man who is scamming her, and her husband, claiming that he needs two million gold to pay medical expenses that don’t exist, the reason Leanna needs to earn money in the first place. While not every job will result in her instantly being groped, or otherwise exploited sexually, none of them leaves her pure for long. Most of her employers, co-workers, or customers are willing to take advantage of any moment of weakness, and at any opening, to grope her, have her service them sexually, or even take her virginity. If you prefer an NTR protagonist who takes the initiative, there are only a few jobs where Leanna initiates most of her indiscretions. Those that do exist are very satisfying and in most jobs, Leanna ends up pursuing sex pretty aggressively if you go all-in on corrupting her. If you’d rather keep Leanna a virgin the only job that guarantees that is, ironically, the Brothel, where they pay separately for sex than other acts, meaning you can repeat the less well paying job in perfect safety (and it still pays better than most of the game’s jobs).

LeannasSliceofLife Leanna Job Bakery Molested

Leanna’s first day, at her first available job.

There are a few flaws with this game. The one that stands out the most is an event where Leanna would skip days, saying she wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t intentionally trigger this, and it didn’t seem to fit a pattern, and it didn’t give any indicator it was about to happen.

Another was a minor bug, a dialogue box of squares, and circles, like what happens if your computer encounters a language it doesn’t know.

Finally, the Brothel job requires that you have a guilt stat of 50 or less, but also needs you to wear the sexy underwear outfit, which needs 30 or less guilt, so you can’t do the job when the game suggests you can.

These flaws are all minor and didn’t take away from the game, but they all seemed out of place for a game that is otherwise so professionally done.

For Leanna’s Slice of Life IS a quality work in the NTR visual novel/work simulator, genre. The art design is quality, and thematic, including a wide variety of heart designs, not limited to the classic hearts in the eyes, though that imagery is here too. Of course, Leanna’s art is the star, and if you’re looking for sexy adult scenes, this game has them in spades, though it does repeat art between generic scenes.  The music is upbeat, and cheerful, washing over you calmly as you lead Leanna through her rough life. The voice work behind Leanna is attractive and fits her emotional states. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to get a grasp on. And there’s a new game plus feature that starts you out with half your money goal, all the clothes you bought unlocked, and any items in your inventory at the end of your last run still available.

LeannasSliceofLife Leanna Clothing

Dressing up Leanna is half the battle (for work).

There are a number of stats that matter to Leanna. Her guilt affects which clothes she can wear, and which jobs she can take, as well as event triggers. If you don’t want Leanna to commit any sexual acts, you have to keep her guilt high, and it will make it impossible to see the lewder events. Her stamina is drained every time she works and is only refilled through rest, or items. Leanna’s Desire goes up, and down, due to events, and events all need certain minimums to trigger.  She also has a suspicion stat, which when it hits maximum, means her husband Kain discovers her sexual wandering (necessary for certain endings).

LeannasSliceofLife Leanna Statistics

Guilt low, ready to go, Suspicion high, Kain realizes why.

Working, work events, and other events like having an affair with the man who is scamming Leanna, all have their own requirements. Some combination of clothes, guilt, desire, pregnancy status, day, time of day, and whether Kain has caught you, are required for different scenes. Pregnancies can be delivered immediately if you like, so don’t worry about needing to stay infertile to keep certain events available.

LeannasSliceofLife Leanna Job Bakery

Real life doesn’t have this many prerequisites.

Other than work, there are two main sources of scenes in this game, and one of them was a little surprising. Being discovered by Kain was something I expected, and lets him spy on Leanna, and get off doing it (this is NTR after all). The other way is to spy on Kain’s monster hunting friend Nia (I’m not sure when this becomes available) at night and discover she’s selling her body to help him. This provides eight locations, and multiple scenes, to watch the flat cat girl Nia involved in sexual situations, for some variety.

LeannasSliceofLife Kain ForestOrc

Yes, NTR’d Kain can send Leanna out to improve human relations with this Orc.

With eight endings, more than a dozen jobs, at least three variations of every scene, and twelve sexy outfits (nude is an outfit right?), Leanna’s Slice of Life is a game that anyone who isn’t totally against NTR can enjoy. Now available from Kagura Games with a recent release discount.

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