Popular Japan-based wrestler, metal singer, and cross-dresser Ladybeard surprised everyone when he uploaded pictures of himself cosplaying the popular fan favorite character Bowsette on his official Facebook page on Sunday.  The post earned more than 3,700 comments and more than 36,697 shares since it has been uploaded.

The caption of the Facebook post says: “The call was made, and Ladybeard has an answer… BOWSETTE!!”

A majority of people loved and appreciated his take on this popular and trending fan character.

Ladybeard 2 Ladybeard 3 Ladybeard 4 Ladybeard 5 Ladybeard 6

This isn’t the only time he cross-played. In fact, he was able to portray popular characters from different series and franchises way back like Chun Li from Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, and even Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Ladybeard Chun Li Ladybeard Sailor Moon

Currently he sings and goes on tour together with Reika Saiki as the duo Deadlift Lolita. His previous kawaii metal group was Ladybaby composed of himself and two Japanese teenagers. Ladybaby’s popular song is Nippon Manju.

Deadlift Lolita

We can’t wait to know what’s his next cosplay will be! Be sure to follow his Facebook page and Deadlift Lolita if you guys haven’t yet.

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