Looking for some beautifully detailed short hentai stories all pulled together into one great-looking tome? Pick up Puni Kano, a selection of fantastically erotic stories with some of the best art in hentai. Puni Kano is a collection of 12 short stories presented by pyon-Kti, each bite-sized and easy to digest for a quick read (or fap session if that’s your thing.)

The beginning of the book features gorgeous, high-quality color artwork featuring a violet-haired succubus, a school girl leaning against the fence in one of the most provocative ways possible, ad a shrine maiden presenting herself to readers. It’s certainly an eye-catching opening to the collection, with stories that mostly revolve around forbidden relationships, first-time sex, and other naughty acts between some rather innocent moe girls and perverted young men.

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The first story, Cross Sisters, sets the stage for the other stories to come well. A young man named Suzaka moves in where he’s neighbors with two sisters: Miwa and Ira Amori. They live on either side of him, and Suzaka often masturbates, making “indecent” noises that both sisters can here.

Ira is the more aggressive and overbearing sister who’s oddly protective of Miwa, referring to him as “vermin” and accusing him of getting close to Miwa – so her fix is to come between them by having sex with them. It’s something that Ira does a lot of – she steals Miwa’s crushes before she has a chance to act on them. But this time, with Suzaka, Miwa feels differently – she loves him. She even reveals that she loves Suzaka-san more than Ira. As Ira listens to her sister and Suzaka having sex, she comes to realize she shouldn’t be stealing Miwa’s lovers, and in fact, agrees to “compete” with her head on instead of in secret. A sweet ending that works for all parties!

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Squishy Girlfriend, in all its explicit glory, finds a girl hanging out with her boyfriend, who’s been bringing her delicious donuts every time he sees her. As a result, sweet Karin has been gaining weight. Her boyfriend Yuuma doesn’t mind, though, and spends the entirety of the story admiring Karin’s “squishy” body and letting her know how much he loves it, and how good it feels despite how much she hates how she looks. The two get down and dirty with some true naughtiness, including oral sex and bareback intercourse, but there’s a sweet ending to this story, too – they love each other, and Yuuma loves Karin and her body, no matter how she looks!

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Each of the stories centers around varied interactions between mostly male and female leads, such as “False Rerapetionship,” where a young man seeks out a girl from his past who agreed to “become his wife” when they were kids. When he sees her cosying up to a teacher and presumably having sex with the guy, he takes matters into his own hands and forcibly takes his childhood “girl from his memory’s” virginity, as the two will “be together forever.” In another vignette, “Work Secret,” two co-workers get down to business after one starts teasing his female friend and realizes she’s only pretending to be asleep to egg him on.

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Puni Kano is an enjoyable compilation of different types of stories with many of the same female character archetypes in each one. It’s a nice slice of naughty heaven, with gorgeous artwork, intriguing setups, and some of the cutest moe girls you’ll see. Whether you’re a fan of pyon-Kti’s work or just want some light hentai action with some uncensored, explicit scenes throughout, you’ll want to pick up Puni Kano stat – especially for the great color shots at the beginning.

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