In the world of hentai manga, there are a few major names. Artists who go beyond the monthly magazine publications and the Comiket scene. These are artists who transcend the world of hentai and find themselves contributing their artistic talents to mainstream manga, television anime, and even major video game releases. Artists like these are a cut above the rest, producing rich and detailed content that’s rivaled by hardly anybody. Oda Non, hands down, is one of these artists.

Oda Non - Non Virgin Full-color cover spread

In Non Virgin, Oda Non collects a varied selection of his best stories in a massive, glossy volume. Over the course of 152 beautiful pages, we’re treated to over 16 chapters of debauchery, cheating, and wild passion. Rather than telling one large story or a handful of smaller stories, though, each chapter of the book is a completely unique and standalone story of sexual adventure. The result is a book full of wildly different settings and characters, but the common threads running through most of them help make it feel like a cohesively themed collection.

Right out of the gate, though, what’s immediately impressive and unique about Non Virgin is the fact that it doesn’t just have a simple few splash pages of full-color action. No, no, Oda Non laughs at your puny color spreads, and instead delivers full-color for every single page in the book. Oda Non’s art is already stellar in standard black-and-white, with crisp lines and soft shadows that help render each character sharply. The full-color treatment, though, complements that work with incredible skin-tones, luscious lighting and vivid colors that bring attention to just how much detail is put into each and every page in the book.

Oda Non - Non Virgin Screencap - A Midsummer Night's Sex Dream

The color pages of the book also help make the various women featured in it look just a bit more distinct from each other. See, Oda Non is an incredible artist, but he has a favored body type and he sticks to it relentlessly. Every woman in Non Virgin is tall and slim, with big breasts and toned butts. Without the different hairstyles and outfits that they all sport, it would be practically impossible to tell any of them apart from each other. Even a highschooler featured in one of the early chapters looks more like a married woman in a Halloween costume. The use of full color gives an extra layer of differentiation to our protagonists, giving them distinct color schemes and makeup that help diversify their otherwise samey looks.

As I said earlier, though, the story content of Non Virgin is anything but samey. Each chapter of this collection tells a completely unique story, with none of them relating or connecting to each other in any way except the artist who draws them. There are a couple of common themes in these stories, though, that help makes the collection feel like a proper package. A lot of the stories in this book involve big group encounters with many men and one woman. In a lot of these orgy-focused chapters, there’s also a hefty helping of masochistic action like blackmail and slave-play. If you’re a fan of that kind of stuff, you’ll have a lot to love in this book.

Oda Non - Non Virgin Chapter 1 Page 2

Even beyond those fetishes, though, Non Virgin throws a bunch of different tastes into the mix from office ladies to schoolgirls to hostesses and more. The first story of the volume, “Molestellar Shackles”, even gives us a little taste of interstellar action. In the middle of far-future space war, two opposing forces come to a head. When the sinister all-male crew of the Principality of Gion (totally not like Gundam) captures the female captain of the Federation forces, they decide to violate the outer space treaty and have their way with her. Forceful group play quickly escalates into even wilder forms of torture and manipulation in one of the most extreme stories of the entire compilation.

Other stories in the collection are a lot simpler, and even a bit sweeter. The 2nd chapter, “Allure x Rogue” tells the story of a gorgeous phantom thief who is in the middle of pulling a massive heist on Japan’s largest business conglomerate, the Houjou family. When she gets caught sneaking around by a young man inside of the home, however, she decides to use her charms to seduce the boy and get him to forget she was ever there. This was one of my favorite stories in the book thanks to the fun chemistry between the two of these unlikely partners. The surprising ending also left a huge smile on my face.

[Oda Non] Non Virgin Page 019 [FAKKU!]

Other highlights of Non Virgin include a story later into the book titled “Rendezvous?” that changes things up by focusing on a pair of high-schoolers instead of Oda Nons usual buxom adult women. In this story, a highschool boy gets involved in a “friends with benefits” situation with the quiet loner girl in his class. She needs sexual experience in order to write a proper novel, so she enlists his help in gathering that experience. There’s only one other story featuring a highschool-aged girl in this collection, and she doesn’t look very much like a highschooler. In this tale, though, Oda Non manages to switch up his habits and draw a character with distinctly different features who truly does look the age she’s supposed to look.

These are just 3 of the 16 main stories featured in Non Virgin. On top of that, the book ends with a handful of single-page comics to boot. It’s a huge variety of content, but it’s a “quantity over quality” approach that I feel like doesn’t end up being entirely successful. A lot of these stories have especially interesting characters and settings, but they’re so short that we never get a chance to really explore them. Rather than have a huge variety of short stories, I would have loved to see a smaller amount of longer, more detailed stories.

Oda Non - Non Virgin Tits and Ass Battle Screencap

Still, even with that complaint, Non Virgin is an incredible book. Every page is full of stunning, masterful artwork by Oda Non. Furthermore, the localization is handled flawlessly, with a spotless translation and wonderful typesetting and letter work. This is a book that any fan of hentai manga can pick up and appreciate, but for fans of group-action and beautiful older women, you’ll have an especially stellar time with this title.

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