From time to time, we encounter an anime so striking and memorable, for one reason or another, that it inspires us to dig up the source material it was adapted from. For me, one such anime is Itadaki! Seiki, the heartwarming love story of a vampire-succubus and her human classmate. It’s an adaptation of a manga mini-series uncensored, translated, and published by FAKKU under the title Gimme That Semen!

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga Contents

Our vampire-succubus cover story is presented over four chapters, just one in an anthology of stories presented in the book. Having been originally published in COMIC Unreal, a hentai magazine that specializes in supernatural, fantasy, and science fiction, each of the chapters presents a scenario a little beyond the realm of our sexual reality. It’s certainly less grounded in the real world than School Love Net, the last hentai manga I reviewed, which carefully established a reason to suspend your disbelief.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga Demongirl

At the same time, the monster girls in Gimme That Semen! Are still much closer to girls than they are to monsters. As something of a monster girl connoisseur who prefers the more twisted style of an artist like Ganmarei, I’m comfortable recommending Gimme That Semen! as Baby’s First Monster Girl Manga. The most outlandish you get is a gloppy slime girl who very quickly takes a 100% human form. Otherwise, it’s a human with wings, a human with horns, a human with fangs, you get the picture.

Two hallmarks of Doumou, the mangaka behind Gimme That Semen!, are softness and wetness. Doumou clearly likes drawing busty women with round butts and very prominent labia majora that always show through panties and spats. But even when drawing a character with a slimmer build, Doumou’s art still conveys a sense of softness such that you imagine your fingers sinking into the smooth skin he’s drawn.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga BE

Especially striking in the uncensored manga is how Doumou draws erect penises. The flared shapes are a little odd to me, not that I’ve inspected a lot of penises, but what’s more is how Doumou’s softness carries into even a hard dick. The way the girls grip them, whether with their hands or various orifices, gives you a strong sense of contact and friction that’s really important to pornography.

Wetness also matters to getting the most out of your hentai manga, and Doumou gives you such slick, squishy, sticky, slippery scenes that you feel like you need a towel just reading them. Everyone is sweating, oozing, dripping, and spraying all the time, which adds to the visceral feeling of the sex, making it that much more real.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga Gao

Doumou’s skill isn’t limited to just art. He has crafted some interesting stories with twists and turns that are interesting to read beyond the soft wet sexy bits. In the headlining vampire-succubus story, you actually end up caring about Kanzaki, the boy, and Mari, the daughter of an incubus and a vampire we see on the cover. They actually have personalities and traits beyond getting horny for each other, and it’s fun to see their relationship progress.

Now as a man whose greatest desire in life is to get killed by a hot anime babe, succubus stories are very much my jam. But Gimme That Semen! isn’t the kind of succubus story that ends with your boy getting shtupped to death. In fact, nobody dies in the entire 183-page book. The most you get is some rapists get drained of some life force and end up exhausted, but no actual snuff.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU NTR

Now that I mentioned rapists, I need to cover the fetishes Doumou presents in Gimme That Semen! There is actually quite a bit of rape in it, and even a bit of a netorare scene where Mari gets raped by some bullies in front of Kanzaki. Now it doesn’t quite go full netorare, because Mari doesn’t like it and ends up turning the tables on the bullies, counter-raping them into submission and reaffirming her love of Kanzaki and his stupendous dong. But still, if you’re the kind of person who’s repulsed by netorare, that scene might end up turning you off.

There are several other rape scenes as well. They all end up with that same kind of counter-rape, or the raped woman ending up enjoying it and developing a rape fetish, but it’s still something to look out for. Not to mention one of the stories is a sex transformation story, where a male otaku gets transformed into the kind of busty magical girl he likes, only to find himself raped and loving it.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Futanari

There’s also a fantasy story with a futanari potion, so you can enjoy well-endowed ladies in fantasy garb going at it. You get Prince Charming waking up Sleeping Beauty with something a little spicier than a kiss. Of particular interest to me was the ninth chapter, “The Joys of Being Demoted,” set in a science fiction mecha world.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga Mechas

Doumou unfortunately doesn’t do much with the future setting, besides putting his heroine in a mech pilot skinsuit so tight it’s absolutely painted on, and having a little electric gizmo that makes you hornier. I would’ve preferred to see something more intense like a Darling in the Franxx-style using sex to pilot the mech, but the general theme across all of Gimme That Semen! is to not really push the envelope. Doumou dips into fetishes and concepts like light femdom, light rape, light netorare, light monster girls, light science fiction. At the end of the day, it’s all just window dressing for some truly masterfully drawn sex scenes.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga Sci Fi

As for FAKKU’s contribution here, I am not as impressed with their work in Gimme That Semen! as I was with School Love Net. In this book, they haven’t gone so far as to extract every Japanese sound effect, or even to translate all of them (though they have translated the overwhelming majority). It goes to a question all manga translators face: when is a sound effect, or indeed any Japanese lettering “part of the art,” and so should be left alone for the English reader to enjoy the mangaka’s calligraphic work. Here, FAKKU erred on the side of leaving more of the sound effects in, which is a valid choice but less impressive than the total localization they did in School Love Net.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Manga Fellatio

If only we had a verb that meant “give them fellatio.”

What’s more, some of the translation choices are a little awkward, and I would like to see a bit more thorough editing to ensure we’re getting a story that flows well in natural-sounding English.

Overall, Gimme That Semen! is easy to recommend as an introduction to some of the more esoteric corners of the hentai world, without going so deep as to put anyone off. The primary manifestation of Mari’s succubus powers is that she can transform her body and personality to suit the sexual tastes of her partner.

That means she grows bigger breasts to give Kanzaki a paizuri, she turns into a catgirl with properly positioned hair so as not to offend my sensibilities. There’s even a single panel where she transforms into a child, Doumou dipping his toe into that corner of the fandom. Mari gives you a little bit of everything.

Doumou Gimme That Semen FAKKU Cat

Personally, I’ll take the cat, the wings, the fangs, the blood-drinking, and a… uhhhh… life drain. To go, please.

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