New Lawson Rirakkuma Yaki

The combini wars are heating up, as each Japanese convenience store chain strives to come out with fresh new products to differentiate themselves from the competition. Everyone reading this is probably familiar with taiyaki, a Japanese pastry that’s shaped like a fish, which filled with sweet beans or custard, so delicious to eat on a cold winter day. Now you can enjoy the new Lawson Rilakkuma-yaki, a cute dessert in the shape of Rilakkuma, the cute and relaxing bear character from San-X made by Lawson, Japan’s second most famous convenience store. Just looking at him is enough to make you feel more relaxed before you take a bit out of him.

As has happened in the past—like when Family Mart made actual Japari-man sweets from Kemono Friends—the new Lawson Rilakkuma-yaki cakes are likely to become so popular they’ll be all but impossible to find, fueling mania for people to seek out what they can’t have. We’ll try to find some and post a review to our Twitter account!

About the author

Peter Payne

I live in Japan and I run J-List, an anime shop famous for shimapan and Tentacle Grape. I love being able to bring Japanese culture to the world.