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To those who watched the anime series Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp), one of the most memorable moments in the series is the curry made by Nadeshiko in episode 5. Although the anime has recently ended, you are now able to recreate this delicious meal as instant curry inspired by the anime is now available.


The packaged instant curry is named “Yurukyan△ Nadeshiko Saku Tonkotsu Nikomi Curry” (Laid-Back Camp’s Nadeshiko-Made Tonkotsu Stew Curry) and will contain a pork belly and bone dish (tonkotsu) powder soup base. Since the anime series is set Yamanashi, the curry is only available at the following places: Yamanashi prefecture’s Minobusan Ropeway, Michi no Eki Fujikawa, New Life Katakura Isawa-ten, and Monde Winery. Other roadside stations near these locations will also have them on sale.


For each instant curry you buy, you will also be able to get a palm-sized tin badge.


A while back, fans were now able to recreate the scene from the anime when Rin gave Nadeshiko curry ramen as real instant curry noodles inspired by the anime series were produced. The noodles are made with a 48-hour low-temperature mist process and will have pork belly and pork bones powder soup base (tonkotsu). Those who bought the special instant noodles will get one of the five Yuru Camp stickers and those who send in tickets attached to the curry ramen packages had a chance to win a card game inspired by the anime.


Now you can enjoy camping and the great outdoors with delicious curry inspired by one awesome anime series (we recommend you give it a watch if you haven’t yet!)

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