Japan never lets us down when it comes to surprising products, and over the years J-List has been proud to offer some of the best WTF items. First came the Hello Kitty vibrators, an official product from Sanrio, which we sold by the truckload. Then those bizarre Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos. Naturally there were some pretty awful onaholes, too. And now we have the Crayon Shin-chan Butt Humidifier, which fills your room with hydrating water mist that comes…out of Crayon Shin-chan’s butt.

If you’re not familiar with the series, Crayon Shin-chan is a rambunctious preschooler who likes to make life difficult for his parents by saying embarrassing things like, “Hey Mom and Dad, how come the box of tissue in your room goes empty faster then tissues in every other room in the house?” On a kid’s show, watched by children aged 3-8, who will no doubt ask the same embarrassing question to their parents.

The Crayon Shin-chan Butt Humidifier features our boi bending over and exposing his famous butt. Put water in the base and turn it on, and a pleasant water mist will flow out of his butt. What’s more, Shin-chan will actually talk to you, saying his famous puri puri butt-waving song, and he’ll warn you when he’s out of water. You can set the amount of mist that comes out, and also turn the volume of Shin-chan’s voice up or down, or off completely.

Grab your Crayon Shin-chan Butt Humidifier today! (Note, if they sell out more will be coming, but after the New Year’s break. Feel free to order and we’ll send them when they come in again.)

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Peter Payne

I live in Japan and I run J-List, an anime shop famous for shimapan and Tentacle Grape. I love being able to bring Japanese culture to the world.